Sunday, March 27, 2011

Theme: Planning

week of March 21st
I am a woman who loves to plan! I like the feeling of control having a plan gives me because (I think) I am a little of a control freak. So, I make lists of things to do for the day, I decide on outfits for trips weeks in advance, I make sure we have enough swimsuits for the summer by February, and I plan out our meals for the week on Sundays. Now, the meal planning originated more out of a way to save money than anything else, but I love to eat, so I like to think about what yummy things sound good for the week. In an effort to make the monotony of meal-planning, and the cooking and cleaning that comes along with meals, a little more exciting I started a recipe blog (On My Menu) a couple years ago. I don't come up with my own recipes or do anything fancy usually, but I'm good at picking at out other people's recipes and following them :-).  Taking photographs of the food has become something I really love to do to congratulate myself for finishing at the end!
coconut chicken
spinach bacon quiche 1

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