Sunday, May 22, 2011

Theme: Anger

week of May 16th
The first thing that came to mind to photograph actually was the cars that are always parked directly at the end of our driveway making it hard for me to back out (I already have a hard enough time!). But, how interesting could a picture of that really be :-)?! So, I decided to do some black and whites of my kids making their best angry faces instead. Preston obviously didn't quite understand and actually I got lots of super cute smiles from him. I think my new picture-taking tactic with him will be to tell him to make an angry face! Ella had lots of fun and Adeline definitely had hers down...she does get lots of practice using it :-)!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Theme: Up

week of May 9th
Isn't amazing what power bubbles have?! They instantly turn my kids happy, giggly and a little bit crazy. It was no surprise that the bubble gun my youngest just got for his birthday was such hit! We may have to invest in a couple more...and fast :-).

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Theme: Mother

week of May 2nd
"Mothers are at the heart of the family." - Mother Teresa
Being a mother is the one thing I always knew with certainty that I wanted to do. It is a most challenging, rewarding, stressful, joyful, terrifying, and magnificent role. I worry constantly about whether or not I am being all that I can and should be as a mother because it is the one thing I hope to be the most successful at. I love each of my children so very, very much and am thankful that I have been trusted to guide and care for them. I am especially thankful for my super mom and for the amazing example and strength she provides me still.
I feel so blessed to be surrounded by each of these amazing mothers. I know they are helping to shape not only the mother I hope to continue to develop into, but also are shining examples to my girls of just how wonderful it is to be women and mothers.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Theme: Trees

week of April 25th
So, I have admittedly had a bad attitude about these themes lately. Life has been busy and I just haven't felt really motivated by the topics enough to want to make time for them. I thought about just calling it quits and forgoing the rest of the year, but I don't like to give up on things so I just couldn't do it. Today while the kids were playing in the backyard with their friends I wondered around our trees, which are one of my favorite things about our house, to try and find some interesting pictures. It was overcast, so the light wasn't doing anything inspiring and now that the trees are in full bloom there weren't any really great spring shots to be had either. But the beauty of these assignments is that it forced me to take tree pictures anyway, and what do you know, I started to have fun with it and actually was really happy with a lot of the pictures that I got!
tree 2