Sunday, May 8, 2011

Theme: Mother

week of May 2nd
"Mothers are at the heart of the family." - Mother Teresa
Being a mother is the one thing I always knew with certainty that I wanted to do. It is a most challenging, rewarding, stressful, joyful, terrifying, and magnificent role. I worry constantly about whether or not I am being all that I can and should be as a mother because it is the one thing I hope to be the most successful at. I love each of my children so very, very much and am thankful that I have been trusted to guide and care for them. I am especially thankful for my super mom and for the amazing example and strength she provides me still.
I feel so blessed to be surrounded by each of these amazing mothers. I know they are helping to shape not only the mother I hope to continue to develop into, but also are shining examples to my girls of just how wonderful it is to be women and mothers.

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