Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Frances was absolutely adorable! Her big blue eyes and cute little lips were too much. She was not thrilled about getting her picture taken though, that was for sure :-). This little one was such a smartie! Mom and Dad would get her calmed down and as soon as she saw my big black camera she would cry again. We were still able to trick her into some happier moments and capture her beauty nonetheless. 2 1 9 bw10 bw12 13 bw17

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When I met up with these two little beauties we were expecting baby Winona to be a piece of cake to work with and big sister Juliana to put up a bit of fight. Children like to keep things interesting though so they switched roles on us, of course :-). And talk about having a talented family! Nearly every amazing item in these pictures was handmade by one of the grandmas or great grandmas. The quilt, the dress, the bonnet, the blanket, the crib sheets...get the picture? I was blown away! Both girls are absolutely gorgeous and I am in love with so many images from this shoot even if getting the two of them together was tricky. Here are some of my favorites from the morning. 33 28 27 26 20 15 18 7 3 12 14 bw11 bw10

Friday, August 17, 2012

Where to begin with this one? Janna and I met when we both did a semester abroad in Uganda during college. We lost touch for awhile and then somehow reconnected over the internet at some point and she came out to Houston to photograph my sister's wedding 4 years ago. I had been so impressed with her wonderful photography but had forgotten what an amazing person she was. I loved talking to her! Janna makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself and important because she truly listens to what you say. I loved catching up with her and was so excited when she came back out the next year to visit and do some photo shoots. We had never had real family photos done and I was absolutely blown away by every image she created. She also answered my zillions of questions about what shutter speed was, what kind of camera should I get, can you explain aperture AGAIN, etc.?! I had always loved taking pictures (and took tons of them) but I had been too intimidated to try using my camera in anything but auto mode. Janna made me believe I could do it though and inspired me to just go for it! I have tried to convince her to move to Texas but so far she has stayed in Montana :-). I'm not giving up yet! So, when we started to plan our family mega-RV trip this year, I knew one of our destinations had to be Janna's house! I wanted to meet her family and catch up and maybe get our pictures taken again too :-). We were able to spend a weekend with her and her family (who are as equally awesome as she is) in July and one morning went out to this absolutely majestic location and took turns taking pictures of each others' families. To say I was nervous would be an understatement! She is my photography idol after all and I really, really wanted her to love her pictures as much as I knew I was going to like mine. Here is her preview...enjoy!
 48 14 16 2 bw8 bw6 18 25 27 30 31 bw33 49

Sunday, August 12, 2012

When I met up with this nice family recently, we tried to beat the heat by starting the shoot bright and early. These two brothers were absolutely adorable and I love nearly every picture of them together! The oldest was such a good sport and smiled whenever we asked him to and although we had to work a little harder to get smiles from the youngest, the pictures we did get of him smiling are my very favorite ones. It was such a pleasure to meet you all! 1 bw15 bw14 brothers bw3 bw4 19 25 5 12 bw21 bw35 36

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sweet baby Brock was nearly 1 month old when I went to take his pictures so I wasn't sure he would sleep for me. The magical newborn window passes quickly, and usually by 2 weeks it gets a lot harder to get those cute sleepy shots. Brock was a champion though! He slept the whole shoot and let us do anything we wanted! I was having so much fun taking pictures of this handsome little guy I didn't want to stop. Not to mention I loved the cute hats his mom had for us to use. Congratulations on your precious little boy!
4 7 brock 11 13 14 9 31 30 28 26 20 19