Friday, August 17, 2012

My Montana Idol // Katy, TX Family Photographer

Where to begin with this one? Janna and I met when we both did a semester abroad in Uganda during college. We lost touch for awhile and then somehow reconnected over the internet at some point and she came out to Houston to photograph my sister's wedding 4 years ago. I had been so impressed with her wonderful photography but had forgotten what an amazing person she was. I loved talking to her! Janna makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself and important because she truly listens to what you say. I loved catching up with her and was so excited when she came back out the next year to visit and do some photo shoots. We had never had real family photos done and I was absolutely blown away by every image she created. She also answered my zillions of questions about what shutter speed was, what kind of camera should I get, can you explain aperture AGAIN, etc.?! I had always loved taking pictures (and took tons of them) but I had been too intimidated to try using my camera in anything but auto mode. Janna made me believe I could do it though and inspired me to just go for it! I have tried to convince her to move to Texas but so far she has stayed in Montana :-). I'm not giving up yet! So, when we started to plan our family mega-RV trip this year, I knew one of our destinations had to be Janna's house! I wanted to meet her family and catch up and maybe get our pictures taken again too :-). We were able to spend a weekend with her and her family (who are as equally awesome as she is) in July and one morning went out to this absolutely majestic location and took turns taking pictures of each others' families. To say I was nervous would be an understatement! She is my photography idol after all and I really, really wanted her to love her pictures as much as I knew I was going to like mine. Here is her preview...enjoy!
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Janna said...

Wow you are making me cry!! Those are probably the sweetest thing anyone could ever say to me. Marci! Thank you for being my friend. I am so, so lucky! Lots of love from you Montana family. :)

Chrissy said...

They turned out SO beautiful! I want family pictures in that field!!!