Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Theme: Autumn/Spring

week of Sept 19th
When I think of Spring and Fall, I think of playing outside. Houston is definitely lacking in beautiful fall colors, in fact we kind of skip right over these two seasons. But there is a definite shift in the weather where our highs are in the 70s and it actually cools down a bit at night and it is just heaven! We have been getting some sneak peaks of the nice weather to come and after a summer of avoiding the outdoors unless we were in a pool, my kids are loving enjoying the backyard again!

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Sarah S said...

Marci, I love the sun and light in these pictures. So pretty! (And I'm jealous of your good weather... ours is fading fast :(

P.S. - We just booked flights to Houston for Martin Luther King Jr weekend! It's going to be a little nuts because we're squeezing in seeing Ben's brother Caleb/family in Houston and his brother Matt/family in Austin in four days. But I really hope it works to get together, even if it's quick :) I'll touch base with you when it's closer.