Thursday, December 19, 2013

Little Miss Sunshine // Katy, TX Family Photography and Maternity Photographer

Oh, I have missed the sun!!! And I've missed seeing cute Nora too who is a little ray of sunshine herself. (past shoots begin here) We had to post phone this shoot multiple times because it just would not warm up! Finally this week we have enjoyed the sun and some warmer temperatures, just in time for Christmas. I am so happy for this family to be adding another cute baby to the bunch, and to find out what they are having! All these surprise babies are coming in January and I cannot wait to meet them all. I couldn't decide which pictures to post...chasing Nora around provided too many cute moments :-).

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Katie Bradley said...

Nice! (FYI, you can remove those Flickr labels off your photos. When you're copying the embed code, below the code there's "embed" currently selected, if you click on HTML, then it should just get you the regular code.)